capture one 14.3 update magic brush

Capture One 14.3 update just introduced a bunch of new amazing features. 

One of the most tricky tasks on post-processing our images is masking, and even though software like Photoshop has a huge amount of tools, in RAW processors like Capture One and Lightroom, the possibilities are definitely lower. BUT… today Capture One revealed something game-changing in terms of masking, the new MAGIC BRUSH.

The new Magic Brush makes brushing areas of similar color, fast and simple. Simply draw a line or a doodle on the area you wish the mask to cover and Capture One will fill the area automatically. It’s simply AMAZING! You can speed up your editing workflow a lot, I guarantee you!

In the video I’ll go through: 

  • What’s the Magic Brush
  • How it works
  • Full edit of a drone image I shot in the Dolomites
  • The brand new Exporter and Proofing viewer

Check the video out and let me know what you think!

Capture One 14.3 Update - Magic Brush, game changer!

capture one 14.3 update magic brush
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