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Lightroom Profile - Styrsö


Adobe has released a major update to Lightroom CC, both the “Classic” version and the new all-cloud “CC” version, both featuring improved support for Creative Profiles, which have the potential to give your photos exciting new looks. To celebrate this launch, I released a unique custom profile based on the Fujifilm Classic Chrome color flavour.

I developed this new Lightroom profile that I called Styrsö inspired by the the gorgeous island located in the Sweden’s west coast. This profile has little desaturated colors and works beautifully for blue sky landscapes. It responds very well with hard & soft lights both.

is created in the new Adobe XMP profile format, so you can use it in Lightroom Classic CC, Lightroom CC and Adobe Camera RAW. This creative profile is built using Fujifilm X-T2 RAF files, but you can use it on different raw sources from other brands too; obviously colors might be slightly different due unique color science owned by every different brand.

I hope you’ll find my free Styrsö profile useful and that you’ll create some great images with it. I’d love to see what you will do with Styrsö so feel free to share your results with me.

lightroom profile styrsö sweden andrea livieri fujifilm xt2 fuji BEFORE
lightroom profile styrsö sweden andrea livieri fujifilm xt2 fuji AFTER


A bold teal and moody LR profile with nice contrast, soft extreme shadows/highlights, slightly creamy shadows and highlights.

  • Suggested Suitability
  • Sunny Day Exterior
  • Sunny Day Interior/Windowlight
  • Overcast Day Exterior
  • Overcast Day Interior/Windowlight
  • Limited Light
  • Portrait


  • ★★★★★
  • ★★★★★
  • ★★★★
  • ★★★★
  • ★★★★
  • ★★★

* Suitability for conditions is a suggested use only and does not represent the applicability of the preset for artistic or specific purposes.



To install Styrsö follow this easy step:

  • copy the folder within the ZIP file in the following path:
    (MAC) Library/Application Support/Adobe/CameraRaw/Settings
    (WIN) C:\ProgramData\Adobe\CameraRaw\Settings
adobe logo livieri andrea fujifilm workshop
install lightroom preset styrsö sweden andrea livieri fujifilm xt2 fuji
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