I was very fortunate to join the Iceland Highlands workshop with Andy and Andrea. It was my first photographic workshop and definitely not my last with them. Now editing the photos I took during the workshop I can see how much I learned from both of these excellent photographers and educators. In the field we got helpful guidance on composition and technique. The post processing sessions were fascinating. I learned new methods and enjoyed their different interpretations of the locations. We photographed several beautiful locations that we would never have got to without their planning and local knowledge.Their humor and enthusiasm for their art, education and the stunning landscapes of the Iceland Highlands made the trip very enjoyable and worthwhile.
Jeremy Read, USA
I recently traveled to Lofoten, Norway to participate in a photo workshop led by Andy Mumford and Andrea Livieri. I have participated in over a dozen workshops in many countries. This was the most enjoyable and productive of all of them. Andy and Andrea did extensive planning to make sure we were in the right place at the right time to get great photos. Rain, sleet, and snow didn't deter us at all. No time was wasted. They fostered a spirit of camaraderie and good cheer. If they sensed we needed help with a shot or a technical issue, they were immediately helpful. Their photo review sessions offered the opportunity to learn new skills in Lightroom and Photoshop. I can't wait to travel with them again.
Stephen Sholl, USA
My second workshop taken with Andy and Andrea was no less spectacular, awe-inspiring, challenging, and instructional as the first! Workshops are feats of logistical challenges made all the more difficult when balancing changing weather conditions, transportation, hotel accommodations, and the creative aspirations of several very accomplished photographers. Andy and Andrea are expertly adapt in all aspects of providing each participant everything required for an experience that leaves lasting, tangible lifetime memories. The Dolomites Workshop 2021 challenged me physically and creatively, but having the support and direction of Andy and Andrea made me feel entirely capable to meet each challenge confidently, and I cannot wait to book another workshop with them soon!!
Rodney Drewery, USA
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What an adventure exploring the stunning Dolomites with Andy and Andrea! Our workshop was packed with jaw-dropping locations throughout the week. The small group format created a great opportunity to make new friends and provided ample time for our expert guides to provide plenty of individual hands-on time. Both Andy and Andrea are down to earth, friendly, and have a great sense of humor. They tailored their advice and guidance to each of our skill levels and goals, whether on location or in post shoot editing. After spending the week with them, I feel like I’ve taken my photography to a whole new level. Andy and Andrea treated us to an unforgettable photography experience I’ll never forget!
Tom Lalor, USA
Last month (February 2020)I attended my first workshop led by Andy Mumford and Andrea Livieri. We traveled to the wonderfully photogenic Lofoten Archipelago off the northwest coast of Norway. I am a very experienced landscape photographer and have participated in a good number of workshops with other leaders. In my experience, Andy and Andrea rank at the very top of all workshop leaders I have encountered. First, they are both terrific guys who know their craft and how to impart knowledge to others. Second, they really know Lofoten and, consequently, got the six participants to the right places at the right times. Third, they were quite skilful at working around the very challenging weather conditions we encountered. Lastly, but importantly, they are great fun to be around. I was able to capture many wonderful images during the workshop and I am looking forward to doing more workshops with Andy and Andrea in the future. Thanks to both of them for a great workshop.
Herb Fixler, USA
The workshop in the Dolomites was an experience I’ll never forget. The workshop consisted of great food, great accommodations and of course stunning vista after stunning vista. Andy and Andrea build not only an atmosphere conducive to learning, but also building camaraderie between other workshop participants. Their friendly and open attitude, in addition to the optimal group size, lended itself to a very personal and productive experience. They help you see an image all the way through from the field to the digital processing. I can also say Andrea is the best driver in Italy!
Francis Phan, USA
testimonials andrea livieri workshops fujifilm
testimonials andrea livieri workshops fujifilm
testimonials andrea livieri workshops fujifilm
testimonials andrea livieri workshops fujifilm
With a mixed feeling of "will my skill level be high enough for the workshop?" and "hopefully the pros are not too bad even for stupid questions“ I flew to Venice. Less than 10 minutes after the first meeting, I knew that I didn't have to worry about such topics. Andy and Andrea are two very likeable people who welded the group together in no time. Within the 7 days, the photographic level of the whole group improved immensely. Every detailed question was answered calmly. The locations were perfectly planned and adapted to the respective weather conditions. The hotels were comfortable and relaxing, which was very pleasant as the days were long and the nights short. Unfortunately, the week passed far too quickly!
Jan-Philip Bönte, Germany
A few comments about the Lofoten workshop I attended in mid February 2020, which by the way was simply awesome! Andy and Andrea exhibited great enthusiasm from the moment we were picked up at the airport through to the final day. They both never fell below one hundred percent in taking care of our needs and planning our day, illustrated the ability to think quickly on their feet as they sought out idyllic locations to shoot while adapting to the continually changing weather. Both Andy and Andrea stood with us while we composed our shots and were always present to offer suggestions or help if needed. I never felt rushed or pushed to move on to the next location even when we overstayed our allotted time. The accommodations were very comfortable and provided the necessary base to operate from for the duration of our stay. The workshops were extremely informative.The different perspectives on how the two leaders each processed our raw files in Lightroom and Photoshop was very educational. Having returned home I eagerly began to post process my images with the newly acquired knowledge. I must say the difference in my images is noticeable. In short, Andy and Andrea are pros at what they do, they love what they do and I would highly recommend any workshop they have to offer. Thank you Andy and Andrea for such a memorable experience.
Colin Stewart, Canada
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What an adventure! Andy and Andrea provided hands-on expertise, and plenty of smiles, food, laughter, and geekiness to fill a photo book or two. This Iceland workshop stretched my imagination and pushed me to reach a little further in pursuit of my art, and I owe a debt of gratitude to both Andy and Andrea for providing such a comfortable, creative atmosphere to express myself in one of the most spectacular landscapes anywhere!
Rodney Drewery, USA
Andy and Andrea are professional teachers in addition to being professional photographers. They share their knowledge skillfully and appropriately, whether in the field capturing images or in the classroom processing them. My field work improved dramatically due to the advice I received from the instructors. Andy and Andrea helped me remember to focus on composition, exposure and focus when capturing images; to pre- visualize what data the post-processing tools would need in order to convey the mood of the setting and my reactions to it. Andy and Andrea have different approaches to post-processing. What they demonstrated was pertinent to each one of us, no matter our personal style. We visited many beautiful locations during the workshop. The food was great, the accommodations first rate, and the companionship warm and friendly. Shared meals were always fun, with many interesting conversations going on about a large variety of subjects. Among other topics, I learned about the British glottal stop and how the Portuguese name their baby girls. I came home with fond memories of our adventures in the dramatic Dolomites. A month later and I can still feel the exhilaration of standing high up in the cool air with the peaks all around. I have many keepers, a better skill set, and the intention to one day do another workshop with Andy and Andrea.
Tom Rutherfoord, USA
It would be an understatement to say, that my first ever landscape photography workshop was a pleasant experience. I’d had a camera for quite some years, however I was missing the self-awareness of what kind of photos really makes me feel good. Now I think, I have an idea. I am a beginner photographer and a novice traveler. Andy’s YouTube channel was the reason for me signing up for a workshop in Iceland in the summer of 2021 and learned some important lessons about photography and beyond I found Andy and Andrea consistently contributing in my effort towards becoming a better and more aware in photography. At times I felt anxious about, finding out how efficient they are and subsequently thinking, how much time it would take for me to be close to that level of expertise. I guess, that’s part of the learning process.   My group had a wide range of interests and life-experience, and the lessons I learned from being with them for a week and travelling with a common purpose will remain with me for a long time.
Chandan Sarkar, Germany
had the wonderful opportunity of joining Andy and Andrea for a workshop to The Dolomites. A workshop that exceeded all my expectations and hopes! We were delighted with photo opportunities though each sunrise/set evaluating the region's weather and choosing location wisely. During the photoshoots, our guides were very hands-on, shooting and working through opportunities with us based on their experience. The workshop did not end with the photoshoots. We spent ample time between shoots processing images, discussing challenges and just ensuring each time we went out would be more delightful than the last! Finally, a very pleasant surprise were the rest of the participants in the workshop. It is obvious Andy attracts a mature, intelligent and pleasant crowd … and one that pushes an already great workshop to a stellar experience I will cherish always. Thank you Andy .. thank you Andrea. Until next time my friends!
Nahid Bhoja, Canada
Even if I live near to the Dolomites and visited the place a few times before, this workshop was an amazing experience. Andy and Andrea managed to take us to incredible places and give us all the support to capture stunning images. Being out at the right time to the right places shows, how well prepared this workshop was. Thank you Andy and Andrea for an incredible week.
Dieter Beikler, Germany
Andy and Andrea's Lofoten workshop exceeded my every expectation. I booked their workshop with a hope to stretch my creative and technical photography talents, while immersed in epic vistas. In this and so many other ways, it didn't disappoint. I left their workshop with an order of magnitude improvement on my photographic approach — from site selection to composition to creative post-processing. Andy and Andrea's preparation, patience, and dedication to small groups provided ample 1:1 mentorship time over the 6 days. And while you can never predict the weather in any trip you take, Andy and Andrea had a Plan B & C for every shoot. Even with rainy and snowy days, we had those epic vistas to learn in. So while this was my first immersive workshop of any sort, it definitely will not be my last. Nor my last trip with Andy and Andrea. I can't wait to get in to the next photographic adventure with them.
James Stewart, USA
It was day three, and we were hiking up the Forcella to get a good view of the Tre Cime in all its glory.  It was dull, overcast, and quite cold. Our spirits were sagging as the promise of a beautiful sunset seemed to slip away. We needed someone to show faith that it would be all worthwhile. Andy kept pushing us on and we climbed the last ridge to sit exhausted at the top with a beautiful, but as yet unspectacular view of the mountains. To keep our spirits up, Andy reiterated that the Sun might just drop below the clouds at sunset and we would be in for a special show. A few minutes later, his faith was validated and we saw the most spectacular firework of colors that poured out of the sky like a bouquet of flowers carelessly strewn across the horizon by the departing sun. The photography was amazing, the memories are even more special. This is the kind of local knowledge, instinct, hard research, and a bit of good luck you need to organize a special workshop. I have done a few different workshops over the years and can say with confidence this is by far the best run, professional, and memorable one. Andy and Andrea, besides being two of the most outstanding landscape photographers, great guys to hang out with, helpful and knowledgable, run a very professional show. Everything is organized like a well-oiled machine. They know when and how to get you in the right place at the right time. Of course, you can never predict the weather, but even on dull days, we got the most out of it by shooting abstract and minimalistic photos and got some intense photo post-processing sessions and tips. Andrea is a master of Photoshop and Lightroom, with an artist's sensibility of colors and light which can transform a seemingly ordinary photo into a subtle and beautiful image. Since returning, I have watched our photo processing videos multiple times and learn something new every time. Spending time post-processing with Andy and Andrea is time well spent and has certainly taken my photo editing up a notch or two. After a long but glorious day of hiking, photography, and bonding with your fellow travelers, it's always great to look forward to a good meal and a good hotel room to go back to. This workshop delivers.  I am still reimagining the beautiful sceneries, hikes, and great food we enjoyed together.  I would go back there in a heartbeat.
Sarfraz Durrani, USA
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My first ever photography workshop was with Andy and Andrea in the Dolomites and all I can say is it exceeded my expectations in every conceivable way. Andy and Andrea are seasoned pros who make you feel at ease right from the moment you meet them. Everything was taken care of so we just had to focus on capturing images and enjoying the experience. Their local knowledge meant that no matter the weather conditions we always got to shoot something special. I learnt so much and came away more confident in my photography skills then ever before. I can’t recommend these guys highly enough.
Paul Deegan, Ireland
I can’t thank Andy and Andrea enough for my experience in the Dolomites. As a workshop newbie I had no idea what to expect, but they were both as friendly and personable as they were talented. The whole trip went seamlessly from start to finish, and their experience of the area meant there was never a wasted opportunity. As a result of this workshop, I have a better understanding of my own creative style, and I can continue to work on it in future thanks to the input, knowledge and guidance of two excellent workshop leaders. It was everything I could have asked for. Very happy.
Paul Baran, UK
I was new to landscape photography having just purchased  the camera and lenses a few weeks before the workshop. Andy and Andrea were very helpful in setting up my camera and explaining what to look for in setting up the photo's. The Dolomites are one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. The workshop has given me a foundation to start on my own to use my camera equipment. The spectacular views and vistas of the places we went on our hikes to take photos I will never forget. They were very professional and made the workshop a lot of fun.
Steve Bruce, USA
testimonials andrea livieri workshops fujifilm
testimonials andrea livieri workshops fujifilm
We were going to a beautiful country and staying in some of the most spectacular mountains on the planet. What more could I ask for. There were six of us in the group and we all got on exceptionally well, like we already knew each other. What I gained the most from day to day was the confidence to use the camera equipment, to better understand the technicalities of my machinery, and if you ask then you’ll get no end of help from the men up front (in the van that is). There’s no telling what nature will provide you with from sunrise to sunset, the awesome moments make up for the times you might not be able to get out. One thing’s for sure though, you’re visiting some of the most beautiful and iconic photographic spots on Earth.
Stephen Rainbird, New Zealand
Andy and Andrea’s Iceland workshop exceeded all my expectations. The small group and high instructor to participant ratio ensured we all had our endless questions answered and received the help needed on location to get great compositions and learn new skills. On days when the weather did not cooperate they were very proactive in adapting plans and locations to make the best of the conditions and light. A workshop with Andy and Andrea is more than just coming away with pleasing images - it’s about great food, great accomodation, wonderful company and conversations, and learning new processing and shooting skills in amazing locations. They both love what they do, and that makes all the difference.
Hamish Cattell, New Zealand
What an adventure! Andy and Andrea provided hands-on expertise, and plenty of smiles, food, laughter, and geekiness to fill a photo book or two. This Iceland workshop stretched my imagination and pushed me to reach a little further in pursuit of my art, and I owe a debt of gratitude to both Andy and Andrea for providing such a comfortable, creative atmosphere to express myself in one of the most spectacular landscapes anywhere!
Odile and Philip, Australia
testimonials andrea livieri workshops fujifilm
What a great experience, two professional photographers in one of the most beautiful places teaching you how to create better photographs. The Dolomites are stunning and I would go back to this location in a heartbeat and part of that is Andy’s and Andrea ‘s knowledge of  them, putting us in the best spot so that we could succeed in telling that story. The workshop is a good mix of both their skills so that I felt like I could improve my photography two-fold. I also thoroughly enjoyed working with my fellow attendees in the workshop who just enhanced the experience as well. What else can I say , I loved it and I would go on any workshop run by Andy and Andrea, any time, anywhere.
Carrie Trimble, USA
How do I begin to capture what a great workshop this was?  I decided to attend Andy and Andrea’s summer Dolomites workshop after checking out their work online, being motivated as well to discover this region of Italy.  I’ve attended photo workshops in the past with other photographers, which were okay. But little did I know that this Dolomites workshop would be a pure blast of joy. Andy and Andrea are not only two great professional photographers who are passionate about their work and eager to share their enthusiasm and knowledge to their guests—they are also two guys with awesome personalities and senses of humor. I not only learned a lot, but had a great time (and lots of laughs) during the process.  You can find plenty of photography workshops online, but finding one that’s this organized, professional, and fun to boot, is much harder. This is not the last workshop I will attend with these two gentlemen, and I highly recommend that everyone sign up for one—but guys, please keep a spot open for me
Mathieu Rossi, France
The outdoor photography workshop put on by Andy and Andrea was one of the great experiences of my life. The setting in the Italian Dolomites is literally breathtaking and provided a wide array of stunning visual experiences that we learned to capture effectively. The instruction was personalized throughout the workshop, with close personal attention paid to every participant, accommodating both the experienced photographer and the novice, like myself. We learned the basics of photography, with both leaders expert in the various camera and lens systems that the participants showed up with. They were friendly and helpful, providing meaningful and honest critiques throughout, which enhanced our knowledge base. Andy and Andrea are quite simply the most passionate photographers one could imagine. Despite having made numerous visits to the same area, both of them were almost literally running from scene to scene, hoping to get a new angle on an old theme. Quite inspirational and motivating. The accommodations were excellent and the meals superb. Andy and Andrea put everyone at ease and both were excellent conversationalists, providing an extra perquisite to the adventure. Both are excellent leaders who pushed participants (gently) to achieve their best results. I started off as a complete novice but feel that I am now well on my way to achieving my goals as a photographer. This was the experience of a lifetime. My deepest thanks to Andy and Andrea for this extremely rewarding learning experience. I will never forget it.
Charles Rolph, USA
This is my second trip with Andy and the first with co-host Andrea Liveri and turned out to be another wonderful photo workshop experience! All the logistics, travel and accommodation are taken care of, which makes life super simple with some tried and tested destinations as well as some new ones to explore. Rifugio Lagazuoi was an experience not to be missed! Also some wonderful company from the 5 other international guests who I learned an enormous amount from.
Eren Ali, UK
This was an adventure of a lifetime…the Iceland workshop checked all the boxes. We worked with Andy for the first time in Lisbon. This was our first time working with Andrea. Both men are top professionals. We experimented with ways to improve our compositions; think outside the box and be creative. Our group hiked through iconic landscapes and captured stunning images. The one-on-one post processing sessions were comprehensive giving us new skills to improve our images. Andy and Andrea’s patience and kindness inspired us to be better photographers. We are looking forward to joining them in Tuscany.
Terry Herbeck and Terry Harrison, USA
testimonials andrea livieri workshops fujifilm
testimonials andrea livieri workshops fujifilm
testimonials andrea livieri workshops fujifilm
testimonials andrea livieri workshops fujifilm
Just returned to Texas after 8 wonderful days with Andy and Andrea in Italy. I really appreciated all the patient mentoring I received from these two pros. We all appreciated their ability to speak to each individual at their skill level, never judging or criticizing but always helpful and very informative. Our accommodations were all really nice, meals fantastic and company great. We had a really cohesive group with all contributing to our time in Italy. I really feel that I have made a great leap in my abilities due to this workshop. In addition to spending 8 days in the most beautiful parts of Italy, I came back a much more capable and confident photographer. My thanks to Andy and Andrea for their professionalism and consistent good cheer during our entire time there. They worked very hard to make sure we all had an enjoyable experience and got the maximum value out of this workshop.
Jim Rolph, USA
Why did I go on a Landscape Workshop? Given my experience, shooting for almost 50 years I didn’t expect to learn much technique. All of the attendees were similarily experienced. So I invested my money and more importantly my time with Andy because I felt his experience and local knowledge would get us to the right places at the correct time of day given the existing weather conditions to maybe capture an interesting photograph. From his youtube videos I also knew that his communication skills were excellent. I was not wrong. A good workshop starts with preparation and I can say that Andy and Andrea provided us with all we needed with regards to the equipment as well as the clothing we’ll need given the complexity of the changing weather in the mountains. This was a great help. 
It seems that each day, Andy and Andrea had a back up plan in case something should have gone awry. Mountain weather changes by the minute, so planning ahead of time left for a seamless shift in the daily location. If we had a particularly strenuous hike the afternoon before, we might change it up to a site where we could drive almost to the location early the next morning. 
 The mid day Lightroom/Photoshop work was also a great plus. I took away plenty of tips from Andrea who taught me a completely new way to approach my landscape “enhancing”. But most of all just spending a week with like minded photographers from different parts of the world and different walks of life was most rewarding. We had great discussions both about technique as well as philosophy. 
 On a practical level, the hotels were very comfortable, the food was good, and the accomodation and food at Alpe Di Siusi was outstanding. 
Even if all my photos and my back ups ended up being lost or corrupted, the week spent in the Dolomites would still have been a week well spent. In the end, that is the sign of a good photo workshop.
Brian Tell, USA
testimonials andrea livieri workshops fujifilm
testimonials andrea livieri workshops fujifilm
Andy Mumford and Andrea Livieri offers workshops done the right way. Everything is very well planned and executed to put you in the right place at the right time to maximize your photo opportunities. They freely share their considerable knowledge of photography and post processing, working one-on-one with all the participants to get the most out of your images. Andy & Andrea work tirelessly to create a fun and productive adventure. You will not be disappointed.
Rudy Edlund, USA