I’m a Venice based professional photographer, educator, musician, and a spirited adventurer. I started exploring the photography medium by capturing images of fellow musicians, their families, and other friends and acquaintances in the music industry.

As I continued honing my craft, I merged my love for photography and exploring the outdoors, enabling me to amass lots of photographic work of delightful scenery, rugged mountainscapes, and exhilarating terrain.

I lead photography courses, workshops & tours to teach other passionate photographers my method and help them bring out their own vision. My work has been published in Landscape Photography Magazine, Outdoor Photographer, Photo Plus Magazine, Digital Camera, Popular Photography and Fuji X Passion Magazine, among others.

When I’m not travelling you can find me playing guitar with my metal band, hiking and enjoying great food.



Landscape photography workshops are a fantastic way to experience some of the world’s most beautiful places whilst improving your technique. Join me!


A collection of my favorite images I captured along my journey in landscape photography. From time to time I will be offering a number of images as a limited edition prints.


I'm really passionate about writing articles related to photography stuff like gear reviews, photo editing softwares, smartphone apps for landscape photography, and much more.